The McEwen's name in coach transport was first founded in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in 1947 by John McEwen (Senior) and then established and taken on by John McEwen's (senior) son John McEwen in 1998 where it continues to this day to provide Mansfield and Nottinghamshire with coach transportation for hire.

McEwen's Coaches is a local family run business originating providing reliable customer focused coach hire, minibus hire and transport solutions to the community in and around Mansfield including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Today McEwen's is part of the Skills Group (Chairman Nigel Skill, Operations Direct Peter Hallam and Financial Director Simon Skill).

McEwen's prides itself with strong reliable family morals in a friendly working environment which supports ethical and sustainable businesses and organisations within the local community.

Reviresco - what it means

Clan McEwen

The McEwen clan name can trace its roots back to Scotland and today the McEwen's Coaches carry the McEwen Clan motif and phrase "Reviresco" There are many english interperations to the meaning of the latin phrase. and these can mean either:

"To Grow or I Grow/flourish/Become /Strong(er) again"
We consider this to be "we shall grow stronger"


We delight our customers with our passenger coach transport solutions and group holiday programmes.


McEwen's are the most successful Bus & Coach operator in the UK, setting industry leading standards and recognised as having the "Best Drivers in the World". With our carefully selected and highly trained staff that are vibrant, age diverse, highly motivated and focused along with our modern, impeccably presented fleet we achieve consistently high standards of customer service, always exceeding expectations to ensure that we are the number one choice for holidays and passenger transport solutions across the East Midlands. We deliver consistently high profits and sustainable growth.


We are proud to be part of a company that is renowned for its heritage and oustanding services - we call these our core values or McEwen's Pride: "Passion, Reliability, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence".


Mission statement


we are passionate about everything we do, always looking to inspire, innovate and fully commit to the task in hand.


we are always dependable and consistent in producing the highest quality results


we keep our promises, particularly in minimising our carbon footprint to help safeguard our planet for future generations.


we commit to our colleagues and customers alike, working together and supporting each other to deliver the best possible results for all connected with McEwens and the Skills Group.


In every aspect of all that we do both for our colleagues and customers.